Elves, porpoises, and ducks.

In Irish folklore, a Dunter is a coastal elf; in zoological terms, it's a porpoise, similar to a small dolphin; in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, it's what they call the eider duck, famous for its loud but pleasant call ("aa-uuu"). Dunter is also a creative and digital agency based in Turin: as invisible as an elf, as fluid as a porpoise, and as cheerful and noisy as a duck.

Team members
Years of experience
Clients across Europe


Our services.

Vision and Strategy

We study and analyze your digital positioning from A to Z with in-depth consultation. Together with you, we develop a tailored strategy to achieve all your goals.

Social Media Marketing

All the secrets of brand conversation on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, X, and Pinterest, from building a community to creating viral content. We handle set-up, management, and the creation of custom editorial plans.

Social & Digital Advertising

We choose the right digital advertising platforms for promoting your brand or product, plan campaigns, optimize ads, and monitor the results achieved.

Brand Identity

We study, create, and optimize your graphic design and corporate image, both in physical materials and in new digital forms. All of this is to effectively communicate the essence of your brand or business.

Media Production

We conduct photo shoots and produce videos, podcasts, and audio or video commercials, enhancing your ability to communicate your services and projects.

Websites and Apps

We provide the best options for creating your website, including corporate pages, magazines, blogs, portals, and e-commerce sites. We design and develop mobile and tablet applications.

Data processing

We track, monitor, and measure your data flows, from the small to the mind-boggling, because it's the only way to understand where your brand or product is coming from and how far it can go.

Direct Marketing

We manage direct email marketing, SMS marketing, and messenger marketing campaigns, utilizing platforms like WhatsApp Business and Telegram. We build secure and reliable networking groups for both B2C and B2B services.

Live storytelling

We extend the reach of your event through a streaming platform and dedicated social coverage, making it accessible worldwide.

Influencer marketing

We create and manage influencer campaigns, getting local and global opinion leaders who share the same values as your project to talk about your brand, regardless of your budget.


Doing things. But doing them well.

1. Understand.

Where do we start? There’s no doubt: our starting point is always listening. A deep understanding of the client’s situation is the solid foundation for a successful campaign. The next step will be studying your competitors.

2. Plan

The goals and priorities of your project will be the key points around which we will articulate our proposals. A comprehensive planning of the activity will allow us to define the creative and technical operability of the project and optimize its time and costs.

3. Create.

This is the part we prefer. In this phase, based on your needs, we will design and implement everything necessary to implement the communication strategy dedicated to you. 

4. Monitor.

After the creative communication, monitoring is essential! Dunter will monitor the effects of the campaign during its development and in the immediately following period. Regular reports and evaluations will update you on the progress of the activity and its feedback.


The rabbit hole.

In the heart of Turin.

Our headquarters are located at number 25 on the historic Via Bogino, right in the center of Turin. You can come and visit us by appointment: we are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Perhaps, before, call us (or write to us on WhatsApp) at +39 011 19711243. If you’re in a hurry, fill out this form: we’ll get back to you after a few hours.

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