Who we are

Creative. Digital. Thinkers.

Dunter is a Turin-based creative communication agency, with lots of experience in delivering innovative and engaging strategies in conversation 2.0. We do social media marketing, web design, programming, event management and much more: we don’t miss a thing! Here, you can learn more about our team, and if you are ready to find out how deep the Dunter’s lair is, you can contact us right away, here.

Creativity 100%
Professionalism 100%
Skills 100%

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Our team

The dunters

Salvatore Perri

He’s the Dunter who created the team. Year of birth 1985, he’s passionate about music, social media and web 2.0. He loves to communicate and to make the impossible possible. His motto is “Be so good, they can’t ignore you” by Steven Martin (and “It’s a long way to the top”, obviously).

Andrea Casaleggio

He’s the Dunter of International Sciences. Olympic and European games, Gran Paradiso National Park and the Whispy bar are his passions. He connects, proposes and concludes: if the facts don’t fit the theory, he changes the facts. He reads Wikipedia and plays table football. His motto? think global, act local!

Daniele Lombardi


Born in Tuscan, but Piedmontese by adoption: he’s the network Dunter. He loves to experiment, search, imagine, and then execute. He has an insatiable curiosity to know everything about communication 2.0. When he’s not connected, he likes watching movies, tv series and listening to good music. And it sounds his barbaric tweet over the rooftops of the world.

Photoshop Layers
Coffe Cups
Hours of brainstorming
Songs listened on Spotify

What we do


Social Media Marketing

From Facebook to Twitter to Google+, from Instagram to Pinterest to Linkedin: we tell the stories of our customers, by creating communities and viral contents in unique and creative ways.
Would you like to know more?

Web Marketing

Through SEO and SEM techniques we optimize your web page so that it appears in the first positions in search engines for searches related to your business. Would you like to know more?

Photo and video

We realize photo shoots and video productions to increase your ability to communicate your services and your plans.The visual language is the new frontier of communication 2.0, don’t forget its importance.Would you like to know more?

Event management

We design and manage events, by providing a wide range of creative contents and professional services. Would you like to know more?

Website and App

We offer the best and most suitable options to build your website: from industrial to corporate to blogs, from e-commerce to magazines. We also design mobile and tablet apps depending on your needs. Would you like to know more?

Grafica and Design

We have the knowledge, experience and creative spirit to help your company to build a strong, remarkable and effective image that helps you to make the most of your online and offline initiatives. Would you like to know more?

Unconventional Marketing

We orchestrate online and offline Guerrilla and Unconventional marketing campaigns that take consumers by surprise, make an unforgettable impression, and pop up where and when costumers and potential partners least expect it. Guerrilla and Unconventional marketing campaigns can be a good way to get you noticed and set you apart from the competition. Would you like to know more?

Dunter academy

We study the web in all its shapes. We organize training courses and refresher courses aimed at deepening several topics, from Social Media Marketing to territorial development strategies. Would you like to know more?

How we work


1. We get to know you.

Where shall we start? No doubts about it! Our starting point is always the listening. A deep customer situation knowledge is the solid basis for a successful campaign. Next step: studying your competitors.

  • Interview
  • Competitors scenery
  • Brand position

2. We plan.

We carefully study your project’s goals and priorities. Then we do a complex planning to activate the technical and creative channel for your project and to optimize time and costs.

  • Strategic goals
  • Project Vision
  • Roadmap

3. We create.

It’s our favourite step! In this phase we design and realize, depending on your needs, everything that occurs for the communication strategy.

  • Online communication campaigns
  • Offline communication campaigns
  • Integrated communication campaigns

4. We monitor.

After the creative communication, we need to monitor the results! We check the progress of the campaign in the period of the release and soon after the end of it. We send you periodic reports and evaluations to update you on your activity and on related feedbacks.

  • Results tracking and analysis
  • ROI Report
  • Optimization plan

Carpe diem



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